Adult Fitness

Competitive Program Manager: Nicholas Pudewell

Tuesday: 7:30pm-9:00pm
Price: $10 per class

OGA’s Adult Gymnastics class aims to increase strength, endurance, and mobility while aiding personal fitness and health goals. These classes utilize structured lesson plans that will allow participants of all skill levels to progress in the sport of gymnastics.  With the help of our instructors, participants can expect to improve fitness levels and health as well as their gymnastics skills. NOTE: Before heading in, we recommend checking out the calendar on our home page for any relevant closures.

Things to know:
1. Space is limited, so be sure to arrive early in order to secure your spot.
2. All individuals ages 18 and up are welcome, regardless of age or skill level.
3. For your safety, attendance of the instructor led warm-up is strongly encouraged. 
    If a participant misses the warm-up, they will be asked to warm up on their own before joining class activities.
4. Trampolines will not be available during Adult Gymnastics.
5. All participants must stay with the group and follow the instructor’s set lesson plans.