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Glashutte replica, the world's 100 limited edition , each glashutte replica with a unique numbered 1-100 . Swiss star movement 7750 automatic mechanical chronograph movement, built 25 stones, with ball bearings , vibration frequency 28,800vph, power reserve of approximately 44 hours . 12-bit 30 minutes chronograph dial, 6 o'clock 12 hours chronograph dial , 44mm table diameter , leather strap , both pliable leather strap, or fashion Milan strip, everywhere reveals the excellent German quality glashutte replica .
Classic glashutte replica series design language most extensive series of watches. Exquisite overall design, retro, reflects the traditional German table design vocabulary. Not only Bauhaus glashutte replica, in transparent arc table microscope showing an enlarged three-dimensional time-scale, literally clear simple lines , filling low-key business style ; also highly functional three chronograph , time-dial harmony and unity ; more are applicable to a variety of occasions streamlined design literally, with retro Roman numerals as the standard, with high-quality steel , the experience of the German heritage of the wind in the classic table.
Glashutte replica watches , inspired by ballet , become glashutte replica watch unique masterpiece . The series of cost-effective quartz watch based, pay more attention to the overall design style , not just in the complexity of the process on the watch itself . In the tabulation material supplier.
Since 1845, the birth of Glash Original (Glashutte replica) years after the era of conversion and baptism , consistent overall inherit under Germany's top watchmaking , maintains the pure blood of the German watchmaking and tireless commitment to artistic expression and innovation complex technology extraordinary show. In this " art and craft " the ultimate chase in 1920 by Alfred Haiwei Ge (Alfred Helwig) invented the " flying tourbillon " called one of the most far-reaching achievement perfect . Through cantilever mechanism , with amazing ingenuity to make his tourbillon fixed only at one point , glashutte replica to simplify the design to effectively improve the accuracy of travel time watch , bright light and to show the beauty of the tourbillon machinery . Today, the flying tourbillon is still watchmaking aesthetics and art startlingly ambitious , glashutte replica condensate extraction of the German watchmaker mechanical bvlgari replica watches structure and the ultimate pursuit of artistic beauty.
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