Often, people only hear the sound of table machine with size , to determine the level of quality bvlgari replica watches good or bad , it is unscientific . Bvlgari replica because their quality , mainly to see the accuracy of its actual travel time. The sound of the table machine with balanced, clear and no noise, only that cheap fake watches no fault , and can not explain the quality of top quality watches , bvlgari as selection method. bvlgari replica can be checked from the exterior shell , table mirror, dial and hours seconds and so on. Case should be no trachoma and scratches , angular symmetry ; and on the back cover of the housing to be screwed tight ; two tables ring each case is equal to the distance , Juan hole mounting ears should foot trailing position in the case center unbiased , appropriate depth of the hole , so easy to fall off bvlgari replica ring ; table mirror should be no defects and scratches , transparent bright ; three-pin is installed correctly , there should be proper security clearance between the needle and the needle , table mirror and dial; dial and pointer coating finish, no scar , dial the full scale lines or luminous points ; head case and about the gap between 0.1-0.3mm in .
The spring has not had stopped walking top swiss bvlgari gently shake it, to observe the second hand shake with the power of walking : in a very short time if the second hand stopped walking , then on foot only bvlgari replica made after the strip can be completed all ( ie, winding no torque) , high sensitivity ; if the second hand continues to move for a long time , then not all the watch after full winding finish ( ie, winding also stored torque) , richard mille replica the sensitivity is not high or watch a malfunction .
I had not had any winding stopped walking bvlgari replica, and slowly rotated his head to observe the second hand start : bvlgari replica watches is rotated on the bar to the less second hand description of the earlier start , the higher the sensitivity of the table ; the other hand , the sensitivity low or table machine has other faults. But pay attention to fast swing the watch due gossamer stiffness than traditional frequency ( 18,000 cycles / hour ) table a little more than winding confidential to swing . High sensitivity of the watch, on foot after a winding longer continue walking .
Normal bvlgari replica watches on the bar should be easy. When the rotating head section , first felt loose, gradually more and more tightly , when you can not continue to rotate forward head , indicating that cheap spring has completely filled and the article body is working properly. If you turn the bvlgari replica watches handle bar when the head of the risk of " Cha abnormal noise or produce top gear skid and so on, then the winding mechanism is faulty.bvlgari replica watches dial needle should be in a flexible , reliable and uniform rotation pointer . Check the tightness of the inspection should focus on the minute wheel and the center of friction with the axle . When the dial needles , if not biased feeling loose or tight , indicating bvlgari replica sub -wheel friction and refueling normal amount, and vice versa , dial needle mechanical malfunction .
Although cheap replica watches a change like fashion as a year , but every year , there are special types of materials or features popular . If you have to ask what was going on , we could not have answered , but you will find various brands are introduced it . This year bvlgari replica is undoubtedly popular and stylish .